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Poniższy test sprawdza Twoją wiedzę z zakresu gramatyki i słownictwa języka angielskiego. Zaznacz właściwe odpowiedzi, a po rozwiązaniu testu otrzymasz wynik oraz poprawne rozwiązania.

      1. Whose is this?


      2. How .... are you?


      3. There isn't .... at the station.

         any people

      4. Peter eats .... cheese.

         too many
         so much

      5. .... are very handsome.

         Both of they
         The both boys
         Both they
         Both those boys

      6. What kind of watch do you want me to buy? Get .....

         a Swiss one
         a Swiss
         some Swiss one
         one Swiss

      7. Where's the lamp? ...

         There's one on the desk.
         There's on the desk.
         It's on the desk.
         Its on the desk.

      8. "Susan ... back from the shops." said Mr Brown.

         just went
         has just come
         came just
         has just gone

      9. Where ... at the weekend?

         goes usually Sam
         does Sam usually go
         usually Sam goes
         do Sam usually goes

      10. Robert isn't ... Greg.

         smart than
         so smart than
         so smart as
         smarter than

      11. Ask him ... .

         how old has he
         how old is he
         how old he has
         how old he is

      12. Who went to Rome? Peter ... .


      13. How is his sister?

         She's good.
         That's she.
         She's fine.
         This is her.

      14. He is a good guitarist but he plays the piano ... .

         quiet well
         too hardly
         much better
         very good

      15. Are you going to work? ...

         No, to shops.
         No, to the shops.
         No, I don't.
         No, I'm cycling.

      16. Who was the first person ... today?

         whom you spoke
         you spoke to
         you spoke
         spoke to you

      17. Give me ... you are holding in your hand.

         that what

      18. I couldn't deliver the luggage. It was too heavy for me ... .

         to take
         to take it
         to carry it
         to carry

      19. Katie doesn't eat fish. ...

         So doesn't John.
         John doesn't too.
         Neither does John.
         John doesn't that either.

      20. He didn't know ... or stay at home.

         to go
         whether to go
         if that he should go
         if to go

      21. Would you mind ... the window?

         to open
         that I open

      22. I ... a headache ... two days.

         am having ... for
         have had ... since
         have had ... for
         am having ... since

      23. I'm going to the office ... .

         for stamping my passport
         to have my passport stamped
         to stamp my passport
         to have stamped my passport

      24. Speak more slowly ... he will understand you better.

         in order
         so that

      25. He wanted to know ... there.

         how long time I had been
         how long time had I been
         how long had I been
         how long I had been

      26. I know it's not important, but I can't help ... about it.

         except to think
         to think

      27. He finally ... the driving test after failing three times.

         succeeded in passing
         could pass
         managed passing
         succeeded to pass

      28. I don't think I could ... another night without sleep.

         put up

      29. He ... .

         stole me my coat
         robbed my coat from me
         stole my coat from me
         robbed me my coat

      30. If you don't ... smoking you will never get better.

         give off
         give out
         give up
         give from

      31. ... that the company are going to send me abroad on business.

         I was told
         It was told me
         It was said me
         I was said

      32. If I ... about it earlier I would have let you know.

         would have known
         would know
         had known

      33. I will call you as soon as I ... there.

         will get
         shall get
         will have got

      34. You ... him last year when you were in England.

         might meet
         could meet
         can have met
         may have met

      35. By the time I get there he ... the project.

         will be finished
         will finish
         will have finished
         has finished

      36. Take an umbrella ... it rains.

         so that
         in case
         as if

      37. I ... coffee than tea.

         would rather have
         had better
         would like more

      38. Don't make him ... it if he doesn't want to.

         for doing
         to do

      39. That's the man ... .

         what I was talking to
         I was talking to
         with who I was talking
         I was talking to with

      40. ... he was tired he went on working.

         Despite of the fact
         In spite the fact

      41. I wish ... what to do.

         I have known
         I would know
         I know
         I knew

      42. He doesn't work but he gets a good ... from his investments.


      43. I don't like ... late.

         you arrive
         that you arrive
         your arrive
         you arriving

      44. I don't ... the letter but perhaps I read it.

         remember seeing
         remind seeing
         remind to see
         remember to see

      45. The painting was damaged while ... to the exhibition.

         being transported
         was transported
         transporting it

      46. You ... have checked the spelling. There are lots of mistakes in the text.


      47. Chris ... his aim in life. He got a pilot's licence.


      48. Sooner or later, the global warming is ... to affect every country in the world.


      49. I would like to take this ... to thank you all for your co-operation.


      50. Now many people wish they ... for him in 2005.

         hadn't voted
         didn't vote
         have voted

      51. He says he ... long at weekends.

         is used to be slept
         is accustomed to sleep
         is used to sleeping
         is used to sleep

      52. It was ... day that we decided to stay indoors.

         so cold and windy
         such cold and a windy
         such cold and windy
         so cold and windy a

      53. When he met her she said she would take him for a ride in her ... .

         brand new sports car
         brand new sport car
         new brand sports car
         new brand sport car

      54. If you ... eating, I'll clear the dishes away.

         had finished
         have finished

      55. It was with great relief ... that her condition was not serious.

         when I heard
         that I heard
         for me to hear
         to hear

      56. Hardly ... one problem when I was faced with another.

         did I solve
         I had solved
         had I solved
         I solved

      57. You are having problems now but I am sure things will change ... the better soon.


      58. In ... of value for money, this is the best car I've ever bought.


      59. That kind of dress is the ... of fashion these days.


      60. You did harm to me. I'd sooner you ... all those things about me.

         wouldn't say
         wouldn't have said
         hadn't said
         didn't say

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